Tech Counsellor  | Research and Consultancy firm based out at Uttarakhand with an experienced team of Engineers and Professionals providing its services in the field of Engineering, Academics, Research, Website Development, and Publication.

Tech Counsellor is working in state since Sept 2013 with a vision to help digitally as an initiative for helping the student of the various Institute, Organization and Universities of Uttarakhand, officially registered now under the name R2E Technologies Private Limited.

Tech Counsellor working actively in the domain of Environment, Research, Academics & Innovation, and also associated with some Uttarakhand (India) based NGO’s & Societies like ‘Technology Research Innovation and Development Society (TRIDS)’, ‘Society for Environment and Women Awareness (SEWA)’ and ‘Kaviraj Foundation’ and companies including EVIAN Engineering Private Limited, Axelta Systems Private Limited.

Vision: Tech Counsellor is committed foremost to excellence in research, products development and providing the best technical education services and consultancy in the field of Engineering and Science Domain.

Motto: Consultancy with Limitless Possibilities…

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M.No: +91-94-1212-4929