Simplifying your ‘yaatry’ moments . . .

Yaatry –  A sense of ‘being yaatry’ to this Universe and to this planet. From travelling to staying and to making connections with the people by making the outstation stay or journey, we all are ‘yaatry’ in some or other sense.

For academic or higher education or professional journey, or for just taking some vacation off; we all love to move from one place to another.

Heads towards different destination meet different people and make some of the wonderful memories during that transaction of time. Being ‘yaatry’, one enjoys and get the feeling of love, excitement with their loved one, friends and family; to make it happens, Yaatry team with their comprehensive yet simple personalised approach brings ‘Yaatry Travel, ‘Yaatry Stay’ and ‘Yaatry Rental’.

Team of Travel enthusiast

Renu Thapliyal

Renu has done her M.Sc (Mathematics)  in 2013 and Bachelor of Education in 2014 from Central University (HNBGU). Since then she has been working independently and providing her services to young minds through Tech Counsellor. She is also associated with Kaviraj Foundation (A Society Registered in Uttarakhand) and working on the Environment and Education field.

An Interactive program coordinator and internet marketing manager, in charge of our group social media messaging & marketing strategy. With the responsibility of Planning and coordination of a program and its activities, ensuring implementation of policies and practices, maintaining budget and tracking expenditures/transactions of the  Group and one of the Co-Founder Member of Tech Counsellor.

Renu Thapliyal
Director, R2E Technologies Private Limited

Harshwati Nandan Bahuguna

Harsh is a Electronics Engineering with M.Tech from Uttarakhand Technical University (2016). Fluent in local languages and have a comprehensive knowledge of the local laws, rules and regulations of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Highly active individual capable of handling challenging situations and organizing memorable trips in exotic locales.  A North Zone football team captation for his team (during B.Tech and M.Tech) and athlete who enjoys to travel and sports as passion.

Harshwati Nandan Bahuguna
Senior Executive Officer

Satyendra is responsible for stay & travel related process. With over 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry. His core domain expertise in Business development, financial model, Strategy Building, Data Surveying Analysis, Demand & Supply, Profit & Loss.

As a Growth Manager at Yaatry – Satyendra is involved with various Acquisition fair understanding of increasing sales revenue, developing profitable & productive business relationship, coordinating with the local group, owner of the commercial vehicle, property owner and dealing in making new collaboration.

Satyendra is graduated from Uttarakhand Technical University. In his spare time, He loves to travel & explore new gadgets.

Growth Manager

Our team is incomplete with out your support. We at Yaatry believes in collaboration, networking and in mutual growth.

Join our hand. Either you are an individual, or a group or owner of a company/organisation. Lets collaborate !!! Join our hand !!!

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